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def __init__(self, message='', fontsize=12, centerPt=None)
def addHandler(self, handler)[Inherited from _EventTrigger]
def adjustReference(self, dx, dy)[Inherited from Drawable]
def clone(self)[Inherited from Drawable]
def flip(self, angle=0)[Inherited from Drawable]
def getDepth(self)[Inherited from Drawable]
def getDimensions(self)
def getFontColor(self)
def getFontSize(self)
def getMessage(self)
def getReferencePoint(self)[Inherited from Drawable]
def move(self, dx, dy)[Inherited from Drawable]
def moveTo(self, x, y)[Inherited from Drawable]
def removeHandler(self, handler)[Inherited from _EventTrigger]
def rotate(self, angle)
def scale(self, factor)
def setDepth(self, depth)[Inherited from Drawable]
def setFontColor(self, color)
def setFontSize(self, fontsize)
def setMessage(self, message)
def shear(self, shear, angle=0)[Inherited from Drawable]
def stretch(self, xFactor, yFactor, angle=0)[Inherited from Drawable]
def wait(self)[Inherited from _EventTrigger]

Detailed Description

A piece of text that can be drawn to a canvas.

Member Function Documentation

def __init__ (   self,
  message = '',
  fontsize = 12,
  centerPt = None 

Construct a new Text instance.

The text color is initially black, although this can be changed by
setColor.  The reference point for the text is initially its center.

message   a string which is to be displayed (default empty string)
fontsize  the font size (default 12)
centerPt  where to locate the center of the text (default Point(0,0) )

Reimplemented in TextBox.

def addHandler (   self,
) [inherited]

Register an EventHandler instance with this object.

def adjustReference (   self,
) [inherited]

Move the local reference point relative to its current position.

Note that the object is not moved at all.

def clone (   self  )  [inherited]

Return a duplicate of the drawable object.

Note that the duplicate is not automatically added to any
canvases or layers, even if original is currently so.

def flip (   self,
  angle = 0 
) [inherited]

Flip the object reflected about its current reference point.

By default the flip is a left-to-right flip with a vertical axis of symmetry.

angle     a clockwise rotation of the axis of symmetry away from vertical

def getDepth (   self  )  [inherited]

Return the depth of the object.

def getDimensions (   self  ) 

Return a (width,height) tuple measuring visual dimensions of currently displayed message.

def getFontColor (   self  ) 

Return the current font color.

def getFontSize (   self  ) 

Return the current font size.

def getMessage (   self  ) 

Return the current string.

def getReferencePoint (   self  )  [inherited]

Return a copy of the current reference point.

Note that mutating that copy has no effect on the Drawable object.

def move (   self,
) [inherited]

Move the object dx units along X-axis and dy units along Y-axis.

For the default coordinate system, positive dx is rightward and
negative is leftward; positive dy is downard and negative is upward.

def moveTo (   self,
) [inherited]

Move the object to align its reference point with (x,y)

def removeHandler (   self,
) [inherited]

Unregister an EventHandler instance from this object.

def rotate (   self,

Not yet implemented.

Reimplemented from Drawable.

def scale (   self,

Not yet implemented.

Reimplemented from Drawable.

def setDepth (   self,
) [inherited]

Set the depth of the object.

Objects with a higher depth will be rendered behind those with lower depths.

def setFontColor (   self,

Set the color of the font.

The parameter can be either:
   - a string with the name of the color
   - an (r,g,b) tuple
   - an existing Color instance

def setFontSize (   self,

Set the font size.

Reimplemented in Button.

def setMessage (   self,

Set the string to be displayed.

message  a string

Reimplemented in Button.

def shear (   self,
  angle = 0 
) [inherited]

Shear the object relative to its current reference point.

By default, points with the same y-coordinate as the reference point are left
unchanged.  A point d units above the reference point is shifted d * shear
units to the right.  The optional angle parameter rotates the axis
that the shearing occurs along.

angle      clockwise angle for shear

def stretch (   self,
  angle = 0 
) [inherited]

Stretch the shape in mutltiple direction.

By default the x-axis is scaled by a factor of xFactor and the
y-axis is scaled by a factor of yFactor.  The optional
parameter rotates the directions that the streching is performed

def wait (   self  )  [inherited]

Wait for an event to occur.

When an event occurs, an Event instance is returned
with information about what has happened.

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