Object-Oriented Programming in Python


This errata is for the first printing (published 29 October 2007).

All hyphens that were to be typeset in regular Roman font are errantly printed as dashes rather than hyphens. This causes them to be too wide, often running into the adjoining character. This will be remedied in the second printing.

The remaining errors are reported according to chapter.

Chapter 1: Cornerstones of Computing
Chapter 2: Getting Started in Python
Chapter 3: Getting Started with Graphics
Chapter 4: Elementary Control Structures
Chapter 6: Defining Our Own Classes
Chapter 7: Good Software Practices
Chapter 8: Input, Output, and Files
Chapter 9: Inheritance
Chapter 10: Deeper Understanding of the Management of Objects
Chapter 11: Recursion
Chapter 12: More Python Containers
Chapter 13: Implementing Data Structures
Chapter 15: Event-Driven Programming
Appendix B: Python, Java, and C++: a Transition Guide
Appendix C: Solutions to Practice Exercises