Object-Oriented Programming in Python

Errata for Appendix C

This errata is for the first printing (published 29 October 2007).

Page 628
The last three solutions on this page are actually for Practice 2.24, 2.25, and 2.26.

Page 629
The first two solutions on this page are actually for Practice 2.30 and practice 2.31.

Page 630
All of the labels here for Chapter 4 practice probles are off by one. That is, those labeled for 4.19 through 4.22 are actually for the origial Practice 4.18 through 4.21, and those labeled for 4.32 through 4.34, correspond to the original problems 4.31 through 4.34 from Chapter 4.

Page 634
The solution labled Practice 7.13 on this page is actually the solution for Practice 7.12 of Chapter 7.

Page 645, Practice 13.15
The answers shown are those that result using the tree of Figure 13.10. The correct answers for Figure 13.6 are
(a) 'P', 'H', 'E', and the right child of 'E'
(b) 'P', 'H', 'O', 'N', 'L', and the left child of 'L'
(c) 'P', 'H', 'O', 'N'

Page 645, Practice 14.17
Element 17 was not part of the specified data for this problem. That column should be removed from the solution.

Page 645, Practice 15.1
Necessary parentheses were omitted on the third line when calling getDescription. That line should read:
if event.getDescription()[:5] == 'mouse':